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Mia wants disco to have masculine weight and jive to have upright, "regal" carriage. So basically, Mia doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about, which is nothing new, but still annoying. I take it back. I do miss Mary.

Adechike (Anya, Salsa) - The rehearsal footage had me nervous; those were some really complex and risky lifts; that routine would have been ambitious even for Pasha and Anya, considering they're not actually salsa specialists. But they pulled it off! And he actually did some complicated footwork. It was kinda sloppy, but he did it. You could see he was nervous as hell, but, can't blame him. That was some SERIOUS choreography.

Ashley - GOD, STOP BREAKING THE DANCERS. Maybe it is time to reexamine the format or get some better trainers in or something, because they're dropping like flies. I was really looking forward to Dmitry Chaplin's rumba (he tweeted about it) too. And no Pasha either! Woe.

Billy (Anya, Jive) - I wonder if Anya has two dances this week because she didn't get to dance last week due to Unforeseen Circumstances, or if it was always planned this way. It's unfortunate that they focused the rehearsal footage on how Billy needed to develop a connection, because jive is probably the ballroom dance with the least connection; it's so fast and so much side-by-side work, not close hold. What connection was called for was there, but telling the audience to look for that may have backfired. He performed it very well, though, and he certainly kept the speed up.

My mother was watching with me, and she got a phone call from one of her sisters right toward the end of this and muted the freakin' TV to take the call. I am so over living with other people, and so, so, so over having to share the TV.

I think Anya got a little uncomfortable riiiight around the time Cat called her a sex bomb nine times in a row. Not that she is not a sex bomb (in fact, if you look up 'sex bomb' in the dictionary, I believe there is a picture of Anya Garnis), but. Awkward. I couldn't see what happened to rip her skirt like that, but as wardrobe malfunctions go, that one was totally minor.

Jose (Courtney, Broadway) - I figured that even if Ashley wasn't out, they'd guaranteed he'd get through to next week with that wibble face. I love that this week seemed to be feathers week. LOTS of feathers week (also, hot pink week!). It was kind of...I mean, he danced more than in certain other dances of his I could name, but it wasn't good dancing. But he does an excellent sad puppy face.

Kent (Neil, Broadway) - So first Jose was all dirty and greasy in his Broadway, and then Kent was all dirty for his. Does Broadway = dirt and grease to wardrobe? It would not surprise me, because as established all season, wardrobe SUCKS.

And then my mother decided to call her other sister and spend this entire routine and all the commentary talking to her with the TV muted again, despite my repeated hints that maybe she wanted to go to another room to talk? And she kept saying things like, "Oh, dear!" and, "Oh, no!" so I kept looking over at her instead of trying to at least watch the dancing, over things that turned out to not actually be at all dramatic or important. So I have no idea how this went because I was distracted and annoyed the entire time. I did catch some gymnastics, which was unsurprising from those two. Was it any good? The judges seemed to like it, I think? They looked happy. But it was Tyce Broadway, so I'm not sure I buy that it was good.

Lauren (Mark, Tahitian) - Tahitian! This is such a different style of dance from what's normally on the show it kind of stymied the judges, which can be kind of fun. The hips were definitely not lying. I hope it opened something new up; I'd love to see a haka on this show (and this would've been a great season to do it, with all the necessary guy/guy dances). I liked Mark's stenciled-on tattoo, but just to show you how much I don't care about Mark--I have a huge thing for tattoos, and didn't even notice it until Nigel complimented the makeup department. The costumes were certainly something else, but not in the usual "What fresh hell is this" manner of this show's wardrobe department; they fit the dance. My mom wouldn't let me mute the judges, so can I just say, "You looked like a duck in heat," what the FUCK, Mia? What is WRONG with that woman?

Robert (Allison, Contemporary) - With Travis Wall! So I was like, okay, considering Robert's danced with Bad Boys of Dance and Travis knows how he dances, this should be good...and then it was another breast cancer dance and I got nervous, because this could backfire, considering how well-received the first one was, and considering how horrible and cynical about motivations some people can be.

And then the routine actually started and I got chills and my mother was tearing up. My God. That was just outstanding.

Billy/Lauren (Jazz) - I thought this was really good! And fun! It did seem like a happy, chill kind of dance. I want a pair of sparkly Chucks that will make me dance awesomely.

Jose/AS Dominic (Breakdance) - The Sword in the Stone, b-boy style. Huh. It was really interesting to see these guys 100% in their zone, and they were certainly both good, but...I think Dominic was way better. That's the downside of a straight comparison like that; even the uneducated like me can tell.

Adechike/Kent (Contemporary) - Does Adechike go by Chike? I like it. And they were adorably goofy with the chairs in rehearsal. There was some SERIOUS dancing going on here, it was beautiful, but I didn't get the backstory we were told it was at all.

...oh, Mia. I loved that the other judges jumped on making fun of, "You jumped like a Giselle."

Robert/AS Kathryn (Disco) - The second Cat said 'disco' I knew how Ashley broke a rib (sure, the rumba could've been to blame, but it's a slow dance that's not typically full of crazy lifts, so I doubted it), and then I saw the rehearsal footage and could see SEVERAL places it could have happened. Doriana Sanchez has choreographed some seriously dangerous lifts in the past, and some SCARY ones in this. Snaps to Robert for pulling them off, and snaps to Kathryn, too, for stepping up to the plate to take the risk. That was really HARD and really entertaining. I don't think they had quite enough practice time together, but that's the story every time they have to do a dance with a substitute.

Results Show!

The opening number was better than in previous weeks, but of course, last week was terrible so almost anything would've been an improvement. I think it's not entirely down to the choreography, I think it's simply because they realized Broadway works so much better with a lot of people and pulled in the All-Stars.

They've got to knock off the attempts at the Lauren & Kent fakeout. You pull those two out together first, you automatically know neither of them's in trouble, because they're freaking good and freaking popular. Stop trying to make Lauren/Kent happen, producers.

OMG THE TINY DANCERS. So cute. The tiny dancers did better jive than we've seen on this show in a while, I must say (and yes, I include Billy's last night in that estimation). I kind of adore them. Tiny Lauren (Too many Laurens! I vote we keep this one and eject Stupid Lauren.) did cartwheels in HIGH HEELS. Wowza.

Twitch and Comfort are just sick, God. They're both even better now than the first time they did that piece of awesome, and it's not just more practice time than two days, I think. That was insane.

Oh, wow, I did not know that about the "Jar of Hearts" singer, that is freaking awesome. I think it was kind of weird to say "the All-Stars" would be dancing when really it was a Neil and Allison duet. I kept expecting more dancers to show up.

Bottom Three

Ashley: Ouch. I really liked her, and two in a row out due to injury is not good for the show. And now we're down to only one girl. Ouch. I hope she's feeling better soon. I know broken ribs are no fun whatsoever. As I understand it, she wasn't invited to compete again next season because she'll be able to do the tour? I guess that's reasonable. Maybe. I don't even know anymore. This season is just not going well.

Billy: That was lovely, but there were a few positions he held for emphasis where I was like, wanting to scream at the TV, "You only have thirty seconds, MOVE!" I think Nigel was bang on, it was just...a Billy Bell solo. Been there, seen that. Show us something new.

Jose: I was so scared it was Robert, which would have been a travesty after last night. Jose? Not a travesty, because he CAN'T DANCE. His solo started off slow, then got kind of awesome. I don't know how to judge the quality without Dominic there for me to go, "That was better," but it did seem a touch rough, though.
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