Sep. 24th, 2010 12:29 am
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1. Today, out of the blue, my dad asked me what they should do with my computer in, God forbid, the event of my untimely demise. He seemed shocked and dismayed and like he thought I was crazy when I said, "Throw it in a hole." I think he was thinking I have the next Great American Novel on here or something. Unfortunately, what I actually have on here is approximately four unfinished YA novels and that oh-god-what-was-I-thinking thing where Olympic medalists are werewolves and have sex.

The Olympic werewolf porn was definitely a factor in my 'throw it in a hole' decision.

2. Our stove died a couple of days ago. Life without a stove is annoying as hell, and we're in a limbo of, "Can they fix it or not?" My mother has just about written it off, but keeps also putting off going to buy a new one, and I'm, like, running out of microwaveable meal options here.

3. While the stove is gone, I took the opportunity to tile their backsplash like they've been meaning to do for over a year. Except the stuff the people at Home Depot sold me as soooo much easier (it's like super-industrial double-stick tape, basically, you slap it on the wall, stick the tile to it, and then you grout) did not work out at all. It sticks to the wall, all right--if I messed up positioning it and tried to move it I was likely to rip off a chunk of drywall. What it does not do is stick to tile. The whole damn job fell off the wall overnight. So, since we can't get the stuff off the wall, we're going to try mortaring over it. This may be a disaster.

4. I thought I had more. Oh, well. I haven't posted in forever, so I'm going to do so anyway.
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