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So in Alabama, we don't know how to deal with snow. We don't know how to deal with an inch of snow, never mind four to ten. Worse, the snow is melting partially during the day and freezing into ice at night, making it supertreacherous. Branches could take out the power lines or trees could take out the house at any time. It's exciting, in a scary kind of way.

Luckily, thus far, the electricity and internets have held out and the house is unsmushed. But we ain't going anywhere. Or, well. That's not entirely true. My dad braved the roads yesterday to take my grandmother to a doctor's appointment. And then she wouldn't let him go to the grocery store. She has sort of weird ideas about him and food--which, you have to understand, my dad is hugely overweight, but she always assumes he's going into the store to buy junk food and nonsense, when really, he had a list of things we were out of (potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, apples, cabbage, mushrooms, spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce, canned cat food) or perilously close to out of (dry cat food, eggs, coffee), or that needed to be bought to keep the snowed-in peace (brownie mix, a jar of salsa to replace the one I bought for me that my mother cooked something with, because what am I to do with chips and no salsa, I ask you?).

We have about a day's worth of coffee left before the situation becomes critical, and today the outside world is much more icy and, "Yeah we're not risking it," than it was yesterday. We have enough food in this house that we could hold out for a month if we had to, but I don't think any of us would be terribly happy about it once the coffee runs out. And no one would be happy about it once the cat food ran out. Sigh.
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