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The cabin fever is really starting to set in. My dad, the only one of us who's left the house for any length of time in a week, seems to be the most affected, strangely. Today he was in the kitchen while I was getting supper ready, and he started taking batteries out of one of those charger things. Batteries seem to have been charging an awful lot lately, so, in an attempt to make conversation (it was getting pretty awkward with him just standing around while I cooked) I asked if he was charging the batteries to some purpose. I guess I assumed he would say something about "in case of power outage" although, knock on wood, I think the danger of that is mostly past now.

He flung the batteries in the general direction of the garbage can, missed, then stomped over there and threw them in, while making a big production of apologizing for charging batteries he didn't need right away. Which was

We're out of eggs, we have two slices of bread, and enough coffee for one more pot. Send help. And coffee.

The temperature is supposed to go up into the forties tomorrow, so my mom and I have high hopes we can get out and do some shopping. Probably we could have today--the main roads are clear, or mostly clear--but my dad would have been insulted if we didn't want him to drive, and his driving can be scary even when there's not a possibility of ice patches (Oh, let's rocket down this twisty narrow country road at sixty miles an hour with the cruise control on, sure, sounds GREAT. That kind of scary.) We know he got my grandmother to the doctor and back safely the other day, but...well, he's already on edge, we didn't want to risk him flipping out about my mom wanting to drive or, if we just let him drive, someone saying, "Please slow down." It's just...sigh. Just sigh.

My mom says her mother always said that if snow stayed on the ground, it was getting ready for more to fall on top of it. I really hope that's not true. This is Alabama. We're supposed to broil, not freeze. I'm ready for the thaw.


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