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Years ago, I saw a very striking photo of a sailor's wife waiting for his ship to come in at a naval base in Virginia--the photo was just her feet and ankles, in these hot pink pumps. It was a lovely, happy photo, and those shoes stuck with me. Periodically I would think, "I want a pair of shoes like that!" and scour the internet for such shoes, to no avail and great woe. Or I would find a pair that was perfect, but they were also two hundred and fifty dollars, and I would sob. I knew exactly what I wanted: patent leather, peep toe, HOT PINK, three inch heel ideal, four inches also acceptable.

A few days ago, I saw a pair of really cute turquoise pumps on Etsy (they'd been embellished in ways I didn't care for, but the base shoe? ADORABLE) and I thought, briefly, of contacting the seller to ask where she'd gotten the original shoes, but decided that would be tacky. But it got me thinking about shoes, and how a punchy pair of bright pumps is really missing from my wardrobe, and I renewed my quest for The Perfect Patent Leather Hot Pink Peep Toe Pump. I found a pair on Amazon that was almost. They weren't peep toe, and had in fact a rather pointier toe than I like, but they were cheap. But I couldn't commit to them. They weren't the right shoes.

This afternoon, I was out on an errand for my mom and I happened to walk past a shoe store. And there in the window were ~the shoes of my dreams~. And they were on sale. For less than is listed on the website, even. And it was the best shoe day ever.

*happy sigh*

...and Dolly Parton just came on shuffle. I think Dolly would approve.

EDIT: Also today, I got my hair cut--nothing special, just a trim job at the place in the mall. But in the next chair over from me was a boy getting a mohawk, which he then intended to dye blue. Why? Because he told a girl he was going to do it and she didn't believe him. My hairdresser, his hairdresser, and I kept shooting each other dubious looks, and then among his excited babble he let slip that he was still in high school, instead of a college student like I'd assumed. This was at about two o'clock, so he'd skipped school to get a blue mohawk and oh my God I am getting so old.
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