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A week ago I went to the most magical store in Alabama, possibly the universe, Unclaimed Baggage, where all the stuff the airlines lose forever goes to be rehomed. I got, among other nonsense, a great suitcase and some new glasses frames. Except I paid like ten bucks for them, but then I had to have my lenses in them, and my lenses cost an arm and a leg because I'm so blind. I'm still kicking myself for not also buying the five skeins of cashmere yarn I found, and also there was a pair of brand new Manolo Blahniks that weren't my size but I could make them work, but they'd done due diligence on them and they were still $200 (marked down from, as the tag noted, a retail price of $700, but still). I did get a pair of Fendi sunglasses for fifteen bucks, though--even if they were way more after I had tinted prescription lenses put in.

There are also, like, racks and racks of digital cameras and iPods and Kindles. It's insane. Always check the seat pocket before leaving the airplane, oh my God.

Hot tip: if you ever have to fly with, say, your wedding dress, you might want to consider, like, buying a seat for it if you can afford it. Or else your dress might wind up for sale at Unclaimed Baggage instead of on you at your wedding; I saw at least half a dozen and found the thought kind of depressing.

Anyway, back to the glasses. I took them to get my prescription put in when I got home, and today they called me to come pick them up. I got home and was wearing my new glasses around happy as a lark when I got something on one of the lenses and took them off to clean them for the first time...which was also when I noticed the rhinestone detailing for the first time. I know, I'm a little slow. I was excited by the color and shape, what can I say?

Unfortunately, it was also when I noticed half of the rhinestones are missing for the first time. I don't know if they were missing at the store, because God knows what these things went through before they got there, or if they came out when they were putting the new lenses in (I plan to call my optician tomorrow, just in case there are some rhinestones on the floor over there), but I am so annoyed. Especially if they were missing when I bought the damn things and I didn't even notice and blithely went ahead and had crazy-expensive lenses put in.

Long story short: my new glasses? Already busted.

I'm now debating whether anyone else will notice, and, even if they won't, if it bugs me enough to make buying a replacement pair an option worth considering.
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