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Dear Yulethor,

I never know what to say in these things! So let's start with: Hi! We matched on one of these four things that I totally love, so already I know you're awesome!

Um...basic preferences...I typically prefer to read gen, het, or slash, but if you're led in the femslash direction (especially with the fandom where it's, you know, canon), I'm cool with that too. As far as preferences go, I would prefer nothing too dark outside of the one canon that's already pretty dark, if you want to go that way with it, and I have a mighty powerful embarrassment squick. Also, please no AUs that change the setting (vampire AU, etc.; "what if this happened different" is okay), or crossovers--by which I mean, please don't cross the two fictional fandoms over with anything, and please don't have anyone from either of the two RPF fandoms interacting with fictional people. Having the real people interact with other real people they might have encountered at, say, the Olympics or Paralympics or what have you is COMPLETELY FINE and PROBABLY AWESOME.

Except Michael Phelps and/or Ryan Lochte. I just don't get the appeal. BUT THAT'S ME.

...actually if you want to have them in the story that's also cool, just, you know, nobody banging them I guess?

Also I'm going to sort of include miniprimers for each of my fandoms in this letter, because...I like to talk about these things, and IDK it might help you. And now comes the part where I throw a bunch of things at the wall and see if anything sticks, whee! If nothing does stick and the spirit moves you in some other direction, I'm sure that whatever you write will be awesome and I will love it. I'm just better at letting my imagination run rampant than talking about myself.

...I just sort of realized that my requests are two YA novels and two RPF categories about amputee athletes. It's kind of an unusual theme for this year's Yuletide requests, and I'm not sure what, if anything, it says about me, but, okay. I swear that wasn't on purpose.

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake (Any)

Anna Dressed in Blood is a YA horror duology (I there be more books now (not that I would complain of course)) consisting of Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares about what happens when Cas Lowood, teen ghost hunter (think what would have happened if Dean Winchester had had functional parents), comes to Thunder Bay, Ontario, in search of a matchup with the most powerful ghost he's ever heard of, Anna Dressed in Blood...and then instead of killing him, she saves his life and tells him to get out of her house.

Anna is my favoritest mass murderer ghost ever, omg, Annaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I would love anything about any of these four people--what do Carmel and/or Thomas REALLY think of everything? What about some of Cas's other adventures or something (he's such a weirdo and it makes so much sense for him to be such a weirdo, I love him)? WHAT ABOUT ANNA? What about the fifty years she was crazy and trapped in a house alone except for the people she killed? What goes on inside HER crazy dichotomized brain? What kind of life, or 'life' could she really have had if the end of Girl of Nightmares had gone differently? Or if you really want to break my heart so good you could do like a day in the afterlife maybe?

Please no Jestine, though, she really just annoyed the crap out of me.

Or, you know, something else not touched on in my free-association babble. I am so not picky.

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray (Any)

A plane full of beauty queens crashes on a deserted island. This is what happens next. I love this book. I think it's genius and awesome and everybody should read it and I do not understand why there's no fic for it. As far as the characters go, Petra, Tiara, and Adina are probably my favorites, but seriously, I would, just, like, swoon over fic about any of these people. How did one of them (or more than one) get to the point they were at in Miss Teen Dream? What was it like once they got home, or at some point between then and the flashes of their futures we see? Wacky MoMo B. ChaCha and/or Ladybird Hope fic! A THOUSAND WORDS OF ONE OF MANY CANDIDATES BEING AWESOME, IDK. Or, if the muses so move you, you have my permission to write fic about NONE of these people, because the wacky world of Beauty Queens could totally be fertile ground for some worldbuilding/exploring fic, and I would be thrilled with that, too. OR ANYTHING. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great.

Rowing RPF (Oksana Masters, Rob Jones)

Team Bad Company is an Adaptive Trunk & Arm Rowing mixed double sculls team, consisting of Oksana Masters and Rob Jones. SHE'S a victim of in-utero radiation poisoning who spent her early childhood in a Ukrainian orphanage before being adopted by a single mother and brought to the States at age 7, who went on to pose for ESPN's Body Issue (do I need to tell you this link is NSFW?) because yes, she's a bilateral above-knee amputee with additional birth defects in her hands; she's also flipping gorgeous. HE'S a Marine who lost his legs in Afghanistan who likes to just give away his military pension, and who kind of just wants to get back to his life as a tech geek. TOGETHER they row boats. And, oh yeah, now they're Paralympic bronze medalists.

(To roughly quote one article I read about them: "Did someone make this up? Did I make this up? Did Jerry Bruckheimer make this up?")

I, like many people, first became aware of Team Bad Company when I saw Oksana in The Body Issue, and her blurb about how she'll forget to eat because of her background caught my attention enough to make me want to learn more about what was going on with her. A trip down the Google hole later, I was really intrigued by these two and wanted to see them succeed enough to chip in the few bucks I could spare to their 'get our boat to London' campaign, and I'm so thrilled they won bronze.

So, as far as fic goes: I just want them to be a total buddy comedy. Ideally in a long-running reality series or something, but, you know, in fic works too. The whole buildup to the Paralympics, the intensity of learning to row in perfect unison with someone, living on the road and out of hotel rooms, when you're from such disparate backgrounds and carrying such different baggage...any and all of this really intrigues and fascinates me. Obviously there's a lot of heavy stuff going on here, and how much of that you choose to touch on or not is fine by me. I just want them being awesome and a great team together.

Olympics RPF (Oscar Pistorius)

Olympics, Paralympics, whatever. Or both. Or some time period not covered by those two events. It's allllll good.

So I remember reading some stuff about Oscar's whole quest to qualify in the face of the IAAF being total dicks before the Beijing Olympics, but I have to admit I didn't pay that much attention to him until the buildup to London, when that quickly changed because, y'know, he's a total hotass. With a runner's booty (tragically I could not find any good shots of said booty, but YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT?) and ARMS HELLO and generally a BODY on him, sir, and, y'know, blades for feet. He used to own a pair of pet tigers, and currently owns racehorses, and I do kind of love my athletes with a side of ridiculous. (Other athlete crushes include, but are not limited to, Sean flippin' Avery and Cristiano Ronaldo. I don't know. Edit: It has occurred to me that many people consider these two people to be assholes, a view I am certainly not going to contest in the case of Mr. Avery. If you are writing or considering writing for this fandom for me, please do not take this as an indication that I consider Oscar Pistorius also to be an asshole. I do not.) And he's adorable with small children, as evidenced by his Twitter profile pic, and animals, as evidenced by this photo my best friend told me I had to include.

So of course he became my Olympics boyfriend, and as the Games progressed I became steadily more heartbroken that there was tons and tons of fic for certain American swimmers I wasn't into and NONE FOR OSCAR. (Now there is one, which I can only read so many times.) So I beseech you: ANYTHING. Get him laid, Olympic or Paralympic Village hookup party style. Someone that hot deserves sex. Or, like, I don't know, there's so much fodder there: his complex family relationship (his mother died when he was a teenager, and his contact with his father is apparently minimal), the complete BS the IAAF puts him through at every turn (before London they wrung their hands first about allowing him to run in the relay, then about which position he could run in the relay), the intense training and living out of hotel rooms in Europe for months out of the year, the reckless streak that led to him breaking his face one time and another time tweeting a photo of damage to one of his prosthetics with a caption about how it was a good thing he doesn't have real legs, the jetsetting life of an international playboy athlete (which may play back into: get him laid?), or downtime when he finally unwinds. I don't know. SOMETHING.

In conclusion:

I am incredibly shallow and I'm okay with that.

In REAL conclusion, I'm sorry if I've given you too many options, or too many disparate ideas, and/or overwhelmed you through my babble. I promise I'll really be happy with anything in any of these fandoms. These four are the fandoms of my heart right now, the things I'd love to read more of than reality has seen fit to give us. I love them all and would love to see ANY fic in ANY of them, and I'm sure that whatever you write will be awesome and I'll love it. I think I said that before, but it bears repeating, as it remains true.


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Just wanted to share that I am so glad there are people who became as obsessed with Oscar as I did. Also, story? Where???


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