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Dear Yulethor!

…er, wrong Yule Thor. Probably. Moving along, hi! We've matched on something awesome so I am sure you are awesome too. And if what we matched on isn't working out for you for some reason, I have great news: three out of four of my fandoms don't involve a tremendous time commitment!

Basic likes and dislikes: I strongly prefer third person prose, and typically prefer to read gen, het, or slash, though I'm also fine with femslash. I'm terrible at listing things I like (Actually, after reviewing this letter, I can definitely say I like shenanigans, happy endings, pets, and chainsaws...), but what I would not like to see would be the big four: scat, watersports, cannibalism, noncon. Oh, and omegaverse. Please no omegaverse. Additionally, I have a powerful embarrassment squick.

On to the fandoms!

The Almighty Johnsons
Mike Johnson, Michele

If you're not familiar with this fandom, The Almighty Johnsons is a TV show from New Zealand about the Johnson brothers, who happen to be the incarnations of Norse gods, endowed with an important quest to find the goddess Frigg and restore the gods to Asgard and full power, and they mainly deal with this by drinking and smoking a lot of pot. One of them is Fili from The Hobbit, because there are only so many Kiwi actors. It's run for three seasons and that may well be all it gets (the last episode felt awfully series-finale-y, and it hasn't been renewed), and I'm afraid I have no idea where to tell you to find it on the internet; I had to have, uh, some help.

This request contains spoilers for the final season and the season finale, so if you have not seen it yet and might not want to be spoiled, please scroll on by.

So this is a total shipper request. I LOVE Mike and Michele as a couple. I love how they went from practical fuckbuddies to the most functional couple on the show, and I do not love that they imploded (though I loved Michele's chainsaw and, in a sad and heartbroken way, Michele curling up in Mike's bed) and that Axl told Mike he should totally get with Hanna in the last episode. No, Axl, he should get back with Michele. Duh. So, yeah: please write me Mike and Michele either together or getting back together. Write me fluff celebrating some holiday or anniversary that Mike totally forgot, write me fun godly powers shenanigans fic or something about their adventures renovating the bar, or about the two of them after the finale, getting back together, adjusting to life as mortals with nobody remembering them, and to each other as mortals. Write me kidfic! Do they get married? Write me that. Or porn—Michele seems like she would dom the heck out of Mike, doesn't she? Do they fight and have makeup sex? Or dirty sweaty reno sex? Or, I did say I'm open to femslash, you could totally write about Mike turning into a girl (maybe it runs in the family? OR MAYBE ALWAYSAGIRL!MIKE that could be really cool) and having funtimes both sexy and otherwise with Michele.

If you don't want to write shipper fic for Mike and Michele, you can write me anything about Michele being awesome, even with Anders or someone else, and I'll be happy, I promise.

Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho
Gabriel, Leo

If we matched on a different fandom and you're not sure that's gonna work out and are looking for something quick and easy to try out, this is probably your best bet. Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho is a short film, only seventeen minutes long, and it's available on YouTube. The film itself is in Portuguese, but there are subtitles in a whole slew of languages. I found out through reading someone else's Yuletide letter that there are plans for a longer film, but I don't know anything about that, so don't feel like you have to incorporate the available information on that—though of course you can if you want to!

I first became aware of this movie through someone on IDK tumblr or somewhere suggesting that it would make an adorable Criska AU, and this is something I still believe to be 100% accurate. If by some off chance you know what I'm talking about, agree, and would like to write that AU, by all means please do and send me a link, but I'm not gonna say 'write that for me for Yuletide.' I did, after all, request fic about Leo and Gabriel, not 'Criska AU fic,' and they're definitely cute enough all on their own. Look at them! Their little faces! So: what happens next? What happens the next day at school? What happens on their (no doubt adorable) dates? What happens in the future when they graduate and are going to uni/starting careers/whatever? What happens when they make out? (Silly question but you know what I mean.) What about their first time? I know I didn't request Giovana, and I don't necessarily want her to be the focus of any fic you might write, but by all means include her and what she thinks of all this if you want to. Please don't break them up or make them sad, is the only thing.

The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater
Noah Czerny, Richard Campbell Gansey III, Ronan Lynch, Blue Sargent

The Raven Cycle is a planned quartet of YA novels, of which two, The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves, have been published and should be readily available at Amazon, bookstores, libraries, etc. They have Welsh mythology and epic quests and boys being boys and psychics and prophecy and boarding school and complicated relationships and friendship and Southernness and class divides and dreams and a pet baby raven named Chainsaw among other things.

Yuletide won't let you pick five characters, and I didn't want Kavinsky, so here's the deal: I would love love love ensemble/OT5 fic about Our Heroes, but if you would like to write something more focused, any one of these four or permutation of the group is great. (I also love Adam, just...four characters limit, and, well, he frustrates me.)

Some ideas: write me poly! It solves so many problems. (My BFF describes her ideal ship for these novels as 'Gansey/harem, or maybe Blue/harem' and yes, that.) Maybe these four have to convince Adam, for whom everything must be difficult to be right, that a fivesome is the answer. Maybe Blue's relatives have commentary and it is hilarious and awkward for the gang. Write people getting creative about not kissing Blue. Write questing shenanigans. There was a fear going around for a while after the first book that Stiefvater was going to turn Ronan into a tree. Write that, and the others trying to fix it. (This can be as cracky or serious as you like.) Write about some things Ronan found or made in dreams and maybe gave to the others. ROAD TRIP IN THE PIG. Write me anything and I'm sure I'll love it.

Lying Cat

Saga is a comic series published by Image Comics and written by Brian K Vaughan, and it tells the story of two aliens fighting on opposite sides of a war that's gotten really stupid, who fall in love and have a baby, and no one else likes that very much. It's packed full of awesome—some of the planning is literally “what would look the coolest.” At one point Our Heroes set off in a tree that is also a rocket ship. There are two trades available, which at the moment I have read through the end of the second one. So I'm not 100% up to date, but if I get spoiled for something I'm fine with that.

So. Lying Cat. Lying Cat is an alien cat who is the pet/sidekick of Badass Bounty Hunter The Will, who is sent after Our Heroes. Lying Cat announces, “Lying,” whenever someone tells a lie in her presence. As you might imagine this can make things awkward or create Situations, especially since her person is a bounty hunter.

Lying Cat is probably my favorite thing about this entire series. I wish I had invented her. I want a Lying Cat of my very own. Tell me stories about Lying Cat. Tell me how The Will got her, or did she get The Will? Tell me about her adventures with The Will, either as a full-grown Lying Cat or as an adorable Lying Kitten. Tell me about Lying Cat and The Will's relationship (I mean, he jumped out of a spaceship for her!) Tell me about how her pronouncements of untruthfulness almost got The Will killed a bunch of times, or a bunch of times they saved his life. I'm not exactly expecting fluff—I mean, The Will is not a nice guy and he does some horrible things—but please don't kill the kitty or her person, it would make me sad if anything too bad happened to Lying Cat.
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