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Dearest Yulethor!

Whoops, wrong Thor. >(You're welcome.) So, hello, AO3 user sadlikeknives here, and we've matched on something awesome so I'm sure you're awesome too, and whatever you write for me will ALSO be awesome. Basic likes and dislikes: I strongly prefer third person prose, and I'm fine with gen, het, or slash (I don't think any of my requests this year lend themselves to femslash, but if I'm wrong and you're led in the femslash direction that's also fine!). I'm afraid I'm terrible at listing things I like and dislike, though I can say with some certainty that I like shenanigans, happy endings, pets, kids, and chainsaws (er, the chainsaws aren't likely to come up this year).

What I would definitely not like to see would be: bestiality, scat, watersports, cannibalism, noncon, or dubcon. Oh, and omegaverse. Please no omegaverse, aka a/b/o, or any other type of mpreg. I’m also not into infidelity. Open relationships are fine, as is the time honored ‘simply not mentioning the canon or RL SOs.’ Additionally, I have a powerful embarrassment squick. My last two caveats have exceptions: Except for the one fandom where I noted I'm into it, I would prefer not to see AUs that change the setting for Yuletide, although I am open to 'what if' AUs that explore what would happen if canon events transpired differently. And, I would prefer no crossovers, but I'm open to cross-pollination between the two RPF fandoms, if you should want to do that.

Also, where applicable, please no Lionel Messi.

On to the fandoms!

Benjamin January mysteries – Barbara Hambly
Abishag Shaw, Benjamin January

If we matched on something else but you're considering giving one of my other fandoms a try, this is a series of twelve, soon to be thirteen books and three short stories, so it might be a stretch. That said, they are thirteen really excellent books (mystery novels set in 1830s New Orleans, starring a free man of color who is both a surgeon and a musician)! I highly recommend them. My BFF loaded the first six onto my Kindle this summer, I wasn't sure, and then like a month later I started reading them and proceeded to mainline the rest of the series in a couple of weeks, it was great. Very little sleep was had.

So at the end of A Free Man of Color when Benjamin and Shaw were in the marketplace and Shaw's standing next to Ben's table and Ben's like, "Or you could sit the fuck down one of these days?" That was when I first wanted to shove these two guys together to make them kiss like a couple of Ken dolls. And then I went to check out the fic situation and found that actually it looked like there was an OT3 situation going on with a character I hadn't met yet, and I came to understand that, but the desire for fic featuring Abishag Shaw has lingered. I love the complex dynamic between these two, stuff like how Ben can't quite bring himself to realize he can trust Shaw even after he does things like stand there blatantly not arrest him during the candlesticks incident in Ran Away. I love how they often communicate through what's not said. I love how Ben and Shaw are both committed to justice in their own ways. And, like, the incredible over the top action heroes climax (Cue the fifteen-foot alligator!) of Wet Grave, how can I not love it?

While I was reading the books I asked my BFF if she ever got the feeling there was another series of awesome detective novels running parallel, featuring the adventures of badass detective Abishag Shaw, and she agreed that yes, and in those books Ben was the guy who popped in occasionally to help solve crimes and be a huge fan favorite, and so Shaw's side of the story for one of their adventures could be a thing (how many words for dumbass was Shaw thinking when Ben popped up at that revival with the candlesticks?), or the two of them investigating something new! Or just the two of them interacting (possibly in a, er, biblical way) either in New Orleans or at some point during The Shirt on His Back. Maybe Shaw could shoot something, he would probably like that.

(Side note: I must confess I generally picture Shaw as more, you know, sexy scruffy (like, Hollywood historical scruffy) than with the level of hygiene, if one can call it that, described in the books, because seriously, he's an intelligent man, he knows what soap is for, why will he not use it? It's not cute. Also if you could keep any references to chewing tobacco to a minimum I would greatly appreciate it.)

* One of the books' great unanswered questions: how the hell did Shaw get an obscure Biblical bedwarmer's name when his brothers got perfectly respectable names like 'Tom' and 'John.'

ESPN FC World Cup 2014 RPF

If we matched on something else but you're considering giving one of my other fandoms a try, if you didn't watch the World Cup on ESPN this summer, this may be pretty inaccessible for you. But if you want to give it a go or refresh your memory, here is a video index, and here is the (very much non-exhaustive) list of Tweets and Other Moments of Interest I put together during the World Cup.

What I really loved about the ESPN FC team at the World Cup was how it was like summer camp, all these people who didn't even know each other to start with becoming more and more close-knit and familiar with each other as time went on (Weird German Kid Michael Ballack opening up to his fellow campers commentators more and more was great) and they spent all their time living in the same hotel and working together, how they developed their own little rituals like the Last Call hat and making fun of Alexi Lalas' shoes, how they started getting downright punchy at times (the time the power went partially out and they had to broadcast halftime from inside the Men in Blazers' closet, and their struggles to keep it IC, was a particular favorite), and then, suddenly, it's over and everyone is eating the bananas that had been on the table for a month accidentally almost taking the wrong cab to the airport and flying back to their real lives.

Some ideas I have had (there are so many, I am sorry, pick one, pick none, pick some, it's all good): Some kind of ensemble summer camp-y thing like a prank war (possibly involving Ruud's extremely orange tie, Alexi Lalas' red suede slippers, or the Last Call Hat) or Truth or Dare! Bonding exercises! Team rivalries! The adventures of Julie Foudy, most internationally decorated person on the premises, practically the only girl in this sea of testosterone and holding her own with all these losers (Maybe she could be bike buddies with Ruud van Nistelrooy!)! Day off adventures! The summer camp bffdom (Or romance! I could totally go for romance, I mean, Alexi's constant tweets about Michael's beauty, come on. Or just a lot of summer banging. Dirty German lessons, anyone?) of Alexi Lalas and Michael Ballack! A day in the life of Bob Ley, cat herder sports broadcast camp counselor! The road trip adventures of Taylor Twellman and Ian Darke (Ian Darke judging Taylor for refusing to change his shirt until the US went out, for example, or: Manaus), and/or them judging the shenanigans going on back in Rio from afar! The World Cup experience of the Men in Blazers, locked in a closet Bob Ley's Panic Room! Something about telling the future through cupcakes! Suarez jokes! James Rodriguez's giant bug! People keeping up or catching up after the World Cup was over and they'd all gone back to their real lives! Any other fun ideas you might have!

Hercules (2014)

If we matched on something else but you're considering giving one of my other fandoms a try, this movie came out this summer, and will be available on DVD in the US on November 4.

I saw this movie for three reasons: one, as a total Classics nerd, cheesy adaptations taking tons of liberties with Greek myths are like catnip to me. Two, Irina Shayk was in it. Three, Rufus Sewell in quote-unquote "historical" movies swinging a sword may in fact be my sexuality. Imagine my delight when it delivered on all three fronts! My joy at the utter cheesiness, and how the movie could not quite decide whether it was a "there's a rational explanation for all the myths" movie or a "this guy here has actual prophetic dreams and now Hercules is throwing a horse" movie! Imagine my further delight when Autolycus came through on the traditional change of conscience For His Friends, a trope beloved of my id! Imagine my sorrow when a fandom failed to blossom.

As I said to my friend I dragged to the movie with me, several of Hercules' labors that didn’t feature in the movie become considerably more hilarious when viewed through the lens of 'they were non-supernatural until Iolaus got done embroidering them,' and read more as 'things the team did because they were broke and needed money' as opposed to 'great and awesome feats:'

That time Hercules caught a deer
That time Hercules stole a bull
That time Hercules stole some cows
That time Hercules stole some horses
That time Hercules stole some apples
That time Hercules (or maybe mostly Atalanta?) killed some birds
and, of course, that time Hercules (and his friends) cleaned some stables

I would love to read about any of these labors, or any other adventures during the exile, from Autolycus' cranky, snarky POV. (Maybe the king of thieves could even get to actually steal something!) Or what happened after the end of the movie! Or something about Hercules and Autolycus growing up together! Or that time Hercules and Autolycus and Megara had a smoking hot threesome back in Athens! Or, I don't know, anything! As far as relationships go, if you want to go that route, I would love to see Autolycus with either Hercules or Atalanta. The former I feel could take a lot of forms—angsty, bros-y, worn in and comfortable long term thing. I see the latter as a sort of FWB "lol I'm never gonna marry you" "lol good" sort of thing, because, Atalanta.

Real Madrid RPF
Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka

If we matched on something else but you're considering giving one of my other fandoms a try, then by all means yes, come to the Real Madrid side of the force, but I don't expect you to familiarize yourself with a whole new RPF pairing, especially one that is currently separated by career circumstance, for Yuletide. That said, if you're interested or looking to refresh your memory, [personal profile] yeats and [profile] dorkorific wrote a magnificent primer in three parts that can be found here: 1, 2, 3.

So I'm weak, is the thing, and while I'm not really sure where I come down on whether or not individual teams should be eligible for Yuletide (I know there's been a lot of debate), I am sure where I come down on Criska, which is: my OTP to end all OTPs. So thank you, whoever nominated these two. Dear author: I love them. I love their football. I love how different they were in every apparent way (except being good-looking lusophone teetotaler footballers, which is really quite a few things when you think about it) and yet they just clicked. I love how adorable they were together, and how fierce in defense of one another. I love the juxtaposition of their very different public personas. I love how good Kaka is, while secretly being a little bit of a troll. I love how flashy Cristiano Ronaldo is, while being such a good person, and it is not arrogance if you are 100% correct about how good you are. And I love Real Madrid.

Things I would love: Fic about them getting to know each other and becoming friends and then falling for each other. Bittersweet fic about their parting when Kaka left to return to Milan. Magical fix-it fic where Kaka never got injured and they won La Decima together. This is one fandom where I am all for AUs, btw, you should see the number of half-finished Criska AUs on my hard drive, it's rather shameful. Soulbond/soulmate AUs (You know that thing where you have your soulmate's name or something written on you in their handwriting? Love those.) and supernatural creature AUs are particular favorites (there are at least three separate fics where Kaka is a priest and Cris is a demon, but I've always wanted to figure out a way to make Cris being the priest and Kaka being a fallen angel work. But like pretty much anything, that's just one option.), but I also like AUs where things happened differently than they did in real life. I don't mind angst, as long as there is a happy ending or the possibility of one. If you would prefer to write gen about their friendship, I am also down with that! Please don't feel limited, or else overwhelmed. Just about anything will be great.

A note for this dramafest of a team: please no bashing of anyone (except Barcelona or Atleti, bashing them is fine, if you want).

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(just popping in to say that i really hope you receive ALL THE SHAW FICS OF YOUR HEART because your shaw desires are my shaw desires and, aside from the core three, he's my FAVORITE. and ben loves him! ♥


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