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Greetings, dearest Yulethor!

Oh, wait. Wrong Yule Thor.

So, hello, AO3 user sadlikeknives here, and we've matched on something great so I'm sure you're awesome and that whatever you write for me will ALSO be awesome.

Basic likes and dislikes: I strongly prefer third person prose, and I'm fine with anything, relationship-dynamic-wise: gen, het, slash, femslash, poly, it's all good! I'm afraid I go blank when listing things I like, though I can say with some certainty that I like shenanigans, happy endings, pets, kids, various flavors of poly, and...chainsaws?

What I would definitely not like to see in my fic would be: bestiality, scat, watersports, cannibalism, noncon, or dubcon. Oh, and omegaverse. Please no omegaverse, aka a/b/o, or any other type of mpreg. I’m also not generally into infidelity. Open relationships are fine, as is the time honored ‘simply not mentioning the canon or RL SOs.’ I have a powerful embarrassment squick; seeing characters embarrassed, especially socially, or behaving in an embarrassing way without being aware of it where it's played for audience laughs really upsets me. And please no character death. There is one fandom where I suggest a few possible AUs, and one where I suggest a crossover, but outside of those exceptions I would prefer no crossovers or AUs.

On to the fandoms!

Benjamin January mysteries – Barbara Hambly
Abishag Shaw, Benjamin January

This is a series of thirteen books and assorted short stories, so if you're considering picking up one of my other fandoms, you might want to set some time aside for this one. That said, they are really excellent books (mystery novels set in 1830s New Orleans, starring a free man of color who is both a surgeon and a musician)! I highly recommend them. My BFF loaded the first six onto my Kindle last summer, I wasn't sure, and then like a month later I started reading them and proceeded to mainline the rest of the series in a couple of weeks, it was great. Very little sleep was had. And then we went to New Orleans for a week. Yeah.

So at the end of A Free Man of Color when Benjamin and Shaw were in the marketplace and Shaw's standing next to Ben's table Because Society and Ben's like, "Or you could sit the fuck down one of these days?" That was when I first wanted to shove these two guys together to make them kiss like a couple of really tall Ken dolls. And then I went to check out the fic situation and found that actually it looked like there was an OT3 situation going on with a character I hadn't met yet, and I came to understand that, but the desire for fic featuring Abishag Shaw has lingered. I love the complex dynamic between these two, stuff like how Ben can't quite bring himself to realize he can trust Shaw even after he does things like stand there blatantly not arresting him during the candlesticks incident in Ran Away. I love how they often communicate through what's not said. I love how Ben and Shaw are both committed to justice in their own ways, and how they are often mutually frustrated by their society's preference for tidiness over true justice, and how Shaw, despite being an officer of the law, is perfectly willing to look the other way when it is Right to do so. And, like, the incredible over the top action heroes climax (Cue the fifteen-foot alligator!) of Wet Grave, how can I not love it? Gentle Yulethor, I want more of these guys.

While I was reading the books I asked my BFF if she ever got the feeling there was another series of awesome detective novels running parallel, featuring the adventures of badass detective Abishag Shaw, and she agreed that yes, and in those books Ben was the guy who popped in occasionally to help solve crimes and be a huge fan favorite, and so Shaw's side of the story for one of their adventures could be a thing (how many words for dumbass was Shaw thinking when Ben popped up at that revival with the candlesticks?), or the two of them investigating something new! Or just the two of them interacting (possibly in a, er, biblical way) either in New Orleans or at some point during The Shirt on His Back. Maybe Shaw could shoot something, he would probably like that.

Side note: Hello, my name is sadlikeknives and I'm shallow. I must confess I generally picture Shaw as more, you know, sexy scruffy (like, Hollywood historical scruffy) than with the level of hygiene, if one can even call it that, described in the books, because seriously, he's an intelligent man, he knows what soap is for, why will he not use it? It's not cute. Also if you could keep any references to chewing tobacco to a minimum I would greatly appreciate it, because it is similarly not cute. Ooh! Maybe you could write a fic where Shaw has to go undercover as A Clean Person (it's the perfect disguise, no one would ever guess it was him) and Ben is like "Whoa you were hiding hotness under all that grime."

The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater
Blue Sargent, Noah Czerny, Richard Gansey III, Ronan Lynch

The Raven Cycle is a planned quartet of YA novels, of which three, The Raven Cycle, The Dream Thieves, and Blue Lily, Lily Blue have been published and should be readily available at Amazon, bookstores, libraries, etc. They have Welsh mythology and epic quests and boys being boys and psychics and prophecy and boarding school and complicated relationships and friendship and Southernness and class divides and dreams and a pet baby raven named Chainsaw (see above re: loving chainsaws apparently) among other things, and to steal a phrase from one of my other fandoms, como no te voy a querer?

Yuletide won't let you pick five characters, so here's the deal: I would love love love ensemble/OT5 fic about Our Heroes, but if you would like to write something more focused, any one of these four I nominated or permutation of the group is great. (I also love Adam, just...four characters limit, and, well, he frustrates me, so I would not prefer his POV or for him to be the particular focus. Sorry, Adam.)

Some ideas: write me poly! It solves so many problems. (My BFF once described her ideal ship for these novels as 'Gansey/harem, or maybe Blue/harem' and yes, that.) Maybe various people get creative about not kissing Blue, or maybe the other three, not being her One True Love and in Noah's case, of course, being dead, tease Gansey by kissing Blue (this could be either funny or REALLY HOT, yes?). There was a fear going around for a while after the first book that Stiefvater was going to turn Ronan into a tree. You could write that, and the others trying to fix it. (This can be as cracky or serious as you like.) Write about some of the insane/cracky/useful things Ronan found or made in dreams and maybe gave to the others. I particularly enjoy the prickly we-don't-want-to-like-each-other-oh-no-we-like-each-other relationship between Ronan and Blue, so maybe you could write something about that? ROAD TRIP IN THE PIG. Write me anything and I'm sure I'll love it.

A note: I am not really a fan of Ronan/Adam as a self-contained and endgame ship. I think they're very intense in ways that might not necessarily work out in compatible and healthy ways longterm, and that, really, all five of Our Heroes work best as part of the group.

Real Madrid RPF
Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka

If we matched on something else but you're considering giving one of my other fandoms a try, then by all means yes, come to the Real Madrid side of the force, but I don't expect you to familiarize yourself with a whole new RPF pairing, especially one that is currently separated by career circumstance, for Yuletide. That said, if you're interested or looking to refresh your memory, [profile] dorkorific and [personal profile] yeats wrote an excellent primer that can be found here: 1, 2, 3.

So here's the thing: I know this is a really big pairing to be requesting in Yuletide but I am so weak when it comes to them. Dear author: I love them. I love their football. I love how different they were in every apparent way (except being good-looking lusophone teetotaler footballers, which is really quite a few things when you think about it) and yet they just clicked. I love how adorable they were together, and how fierce in defense of one another. I love the juxtaposition of their very different public personas. I love how good Kaka is, while secretly being a little bit of a troll. I love how flashy Cristiano Ronaldo is, while being such a good person, and it is not arrogance if you are 100% correct about how good you are. And I love Real Madrid.

Things I love: Fic about them getting to know each other and becoming friends and then falling for each other. Bittersweet fic about their parting when Kaka left to return to Milan. Future fic where Cris and Kaka get back together and raise their kids and blow the global press's minds. This is one fandom where I am all for AUs, btw. I am as weak for a Criska AU as I am for Criska themselves. You know those soulmate AUs where one person has the other person's name or the first thing they said to them tattooed on them somewhere (and maybe there are Dramatical Complications before they work out they are Meant To Be Together)? Love those. (But please not the kind where people can't see color until they meet their soulmates; it breaks my suspension of disbelief somehow.) AUs where one of them is a supernatural creature or a sexbot (I think we all know who is the sexbot here) or something? All for it. (Bonus points awarded if they are still a footballer while being a supernatural creature or sexbot or something.) AU where one of them is a footballer and the other isn't and they still meet and fall in love? Go for it. I don't mind angst, as long as there is a happy ending of some kind. If you would prefer to write gen about their friendship, I am also down with that! Please don't feel limited, or else overwhelmed. Just about anything will be great.

This is the one fandom where I have a specific kink, which you can incorporate into your fic or not as you see fit: I like the idea of Cris being sexually submissive, in that he seems like he could really benefit from having all of the weight of expectation and perfectionism taken off his shoulders and to let someone else be in charge for a while.

A few quick notes: Given the timeline and certain events, this is one fandom where I can easily see how infidelity might come up. I really don't like to think of Kaka of all people outright cheating, but a past open relationship or some kind of arrangement or understanding during their overlapping Madrid period that got out of hand/meant more than they meant it to/now can be More/whatever, I could totally see. Or I am completely fine with the sort of AU where their respective WAGs just did not exist/were not in their lives. Please no bashing of anyone (except Barcelona or Atleti, bashing them is fine, if you want), especially Cris & Kaka's respective exes.

Actually you can bash Mourinho, too, I'm totally fine with that.

Lito Rodriguez

So, if you don't know, Sense8 is a series on Netflix that's one season of twelve episodes thus far, and it is best summarized as: the Wachowskis have gone full fanfic on us. This is a show about eight people around the world who suddenly find themselves in an honest to goodness group soulbond, having to deal with that and their own problems and the shadowy corporation that wants to lobotomize them all For The Good Of The Human Race or something. It's complicated.

So, Lito. I adore Lito. Lito is my favorite. I adore how he is the emotional one, and that his talent is lying, and the struggle he has to not only decide to tell the truth but also to realize that his talent being lying can be a good and useful thing. I love Hernando and Daniela and their weird little family. And he is so good-looking, Yulethor. I am weak like that.

If you just want to write something focusing on Lito, that's great (maybe something introspective or about his acting career somehow?), but it doesn't have to be just about him. Something about him and Hernando or him and Hernando and Daniela would be great; something about the cluster would be amazing. What about another psychic orgy? Or fluffy cluster shenanigans like panglobal movie night (possibly making fun of one of Lito's movies?) or using their bond to share more mundane skills than usual, like "applying makeup" or "cooking"? (Maybe Lito wants to cook dinner for Hernando for once and some of the others help him?)

If you feel up for it, I once had a discussion about how our cluster of sensates has all the makings of a great heist team a la Leverage (which kind of paid out as the season progressed): hitter (Sun), hacker (Nomi), grifter (Lito), thief (Wolfgang), and...uh...well I guess Nomi can also be the mastermind, but then they also have a getaway driver (Capheus), inside man (Will), and chemist/medic (Kala). And Riley. I feel bad for Riley, she's kind of like the Ma-Ti here. Anyway, you don't have to be familiar with Leverage to get what I'm saying here, the point is that some kind of heist fic where everyone gets to use/share their skills again like in Iceland would be AMAZING, and one place where I think that would already be useful would be getting the photos of Hernando and Lito back from Joaquin before he can splash them all over the internet. (Yes, Lito claims not to care, but there's a big difference between 'I don't care if people know we're together' and 'I don't care if photos of us having sex are splashed all over the internet,' and I think it's perfectly reasonable to care about the second even if one is being Brave and Romantic.) Or it could be some other situation, possibly related to BPO. I'm flexible. OR and this is by no means a requirement, by that same token I feel like a crossover with Leverage could be really interesting. Like, picture the Leverage crew getting really confused about which member of the cluster fulfills which role in their "crew," trying to figure out how many members are actually in their crew, that kind of thing. (And then possibly they team up and are temporarily unstoppable?)

Sporting Kansas City RPF
Alex Morgan, Dom Dwyer, Servando Carrasco, Sydney Leroux

Yep, this is another RPF fandom about footballsoccer, except these people are more obscure (Servando Carrasco doesn't even seem to have Twitter wtf).

So here's the deal: On December 31, 2014, college sweethearts and fellow professional footballers Alex Morgan (of the USWNT and Portland Thorns) and Servando Carrasco (of Sporting KC) got married. On February 14, non-college sweethearts and fellow professional footballers Sydney Leroux (then of the Seattle Reign, since traded to Western New York Flash, and also USWNT) and Dom Dwyer (of Sporting KC) revealed that they had eloped in January (they eventually held a big ceremony on October 9). On July 20, 2015, Servando Carrasco was traded to Orlando City, so for six or seven months you had two married couples composed of two members of the USWNT and two members of Sporting KC, and they were all good friends and very good-looking people. What are the odds?

Both these relationships are really interesting because of the dynamics of them all being athletes in the same major sport: Syd and Alex are far more recognizable household names than their husbands, and make more money than them when you factor in sponsorships and whatnot, which is very much not the case when you compare your average male footballer to your average female footballer, even in the US, where the USWNT is probably the most recognized and publicized face of the sport in this country, but the women's league is really struggling while Major League Soccer is established and growing. (And, frankly, while Dom and Serva are both fine footballers, Syd and Alex are better than them.) And, yeah, I don't know, they just fascinate me. It seems so complicated and full of possible commentary about gender and sports, but when you get down to it it's just two young couples in love and making a go of what they love doing.

At some point in the lead up to the Women's World Cup this past summer, I saw an interview in which Alex and Syd were asked about this situation, and they said that they always kind of felt like they should hang out when they were both in Kansas City but at the same time they never did, because they had so little time there and always wanted to spend it with their husbands. And so of course because I'm fandom from way back I thought, "You could solve this with a foursome!" And so, dear Yulethor, please: solve this for me with a foursome. An extremely athletic, attractive foursome. A 'squeezing in a few days together in Kansas City' foursome, or a 'two of us just won the World Cup' victory foursome, maybe (Servando and Dom flew up to Vancouver together for the WWC final, after all, and were super cute about being cheerhusbands throughout). Or you could split the four of them into their non-married halves that nonetheless spent way more time together, and do something with that (stress relief sex? Skype?) If you're not up for writing group sex, I totally get that, and there is so much to explore here really. Some kind of domesticity/double date/actually hanging out together in Kansas City or elsewhere would also be awesome! Or, I am reasonably certain in a vaguely tinhat kind of way that Syd and Dom's elopement was spurred at least in part by the Morgan-Carrasco nuptials (possibly in a, "Hey...why don't WE do that?" kind of thing). I feel like Alex and/or Serva have teased them about this and probably find it really cute. I also feel like if there wasn't one, there should have been a campaign to attempt to convince Dom Dwyer to change his name, as 'Dom Leroux' sounds miles better than 'Sydney Dwyer.' I'm just spitballing here, really, I'll be thrilled with just about anything.

Just in case it comes up I want to note that while Alex Morgan is a huge fan of Barcelona and Leo Messi, I, as you might have figured out from one of my other fandoms, am deeply not.
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