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Greetings, dear Yulethor!

So, hello, AO3 user sadlikeknives here, and I can't wait to find out what you're going to write for me! I know it's gonna be great!

Basic likes: I strongly prefer third person prose, and I'm fine with anything, relationship-dynamic-wise: gen, het, slash, femslash, poly, it's all good! I'm afraid I go blank when asked to list things I like (The dreaded "I want fifty things all year but when my birthday rolls around I'm like, "Uh...stuff?" syndrome. I know. I'm sorry.), though I can say with some certainty that I like: shenanigans, pining, happy or at least optimistic endings, loyalty, pets, and kids. I also like Christmas or winter fic! Where applicable, I'm fine with either porn or no porn.

What I would definitely not like to see in my fic would be: bestiality, scat, watersports, cannibalism, noncon, or dubcon. Oh, and omegaverse. Please no omegaverse, aka a/b/o, or any other type of mpreg. I’m also not into infidelity/cheating. Open relationships where everyone is aware of what is going on are fine, as is the time honored ‘simply pretending the canon or RL SOs never existed.’ I have a powerful embarrassment squick; seeing characters embarrassed, especially socially, or behaving in an embarrassing way without being aware of it where it's played for audience laughs really upsets me. And please no animal harm or major character death outside of addressing those that happen in canon if/when necessary. Also, I would prefer no unrequested crossovers or AUs.

Benjamin January mysteries – Barbara Hambly
Abishag Shaw, Benjamin January

Okay so you know at the end of A Free Man of Color when Benjamin and Shaw were in the marketplace and Shaw's standing next to Ben's table Because Society and Ben's like, "Or you could sit the fuck down one of these days?" That was when I first wanted to shove these two guys together to make them kiss like a couple of really tall Ken dolls. I love the complex dynamic between these two, stuff like how Ben can't quite bring himself to realize he can trust Shaw even after he does things like stand there blatantly not arresting him during the candlesticks incident in Ran Away. I love how they often communicate through what's not said. I love how Ben and Shaw are both committed to justice in their own ways, and how they are often mutually frustrated by their society's preference for tidiness over true justice, and how Shaw, despite being an officer of the law, is perfectly willing to look the other way when it is Right to do so. And, like, the incredible over the top action heroes climax (Cue the hurricane! And now the fifteen-foot alligator!) of Wet Grave, how can I not love it? Gentle Yulethor, I want more of these Justice Bros.

Quick note: Hello, my name is sadlikeknives and I'm shallow. I must confess I generally picture Shaw as more, you know, sexy scruffy (like, Hollywood historical scruffy) than with the level of hygiene, if one can even call it that, described in the books, because seriously, he's an intelligent man, he knows what soap is for, why will he not use it?? It's not cute. Also if you could keep any references to chewing tobacco to a minimum I would greatly appreciate it, because it is similarly not cute.

Some prompts:

1. We never get inside anybody but Ben's head, so Shaw's side of the story for one of their adventures could be a thing (how many words for dumbass was Shaw thinking when Ben popped up at that revival with the candlesticks?, etc.).
2. The two of them could investigate something new! Who's dead, in the middle of a scandal, or robbed blind this week?
3. Just anything with the two of them interacting (possibly in a, er, biblical way, but platonic justice buddies is also great) either in New Orleans or at some point during The Shirt on His Back. Maybe Shaw could shoot something, he would probably like that.
4. Maybe Shaw has to go undercover as A Clean Person (it's the perfect disguise; no one would ever suspect it was him) and everyone is surprised by how attractive he is, a la that scene in a movie when the girl takes her glasses off. I feel like Dominique is involved in making this happen somehow, because as we all know, Dominique has Powers when it comes to getting people to do what she wants.
5. While so much of these books is in the setting, modern New Orleans is pretty atmospheric, too, no? Picture it: Shaw's still a cop, Ben's a surgeon who moonlights in a jazz band. Together, they solve crimes. And maybe make out.
6. Another idea you have!

The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison
Maia Drazhar, Nemolis Drazhar

If you matched me on something else and you're not feeling it, timewise this is probably your best option for a backup canon, as it's a single book, but it's a single book with language use involving formal vs. informal 'you.' So. You might want to be aware of that.

When I was rereading this book a while back, I was struck by the part where Idris tells Maia about his father, Nemolis, and how Nemolis argued with their father about Maia's treatment, saying that Maia should be brought back to court, and that when he became emperor he would do so. And then, of course, neither of those things ever happened. But it did get me thinking about what ifs, and wishing Maia had gotten to meet his brother, even though I know we don't know much about Nemolis other than what Idra says. I feel like this story could go a couple of different ways, so, some possible prompts:

1. Varenechibel capitulates to Nemolis's arguments and brings Maia back to court. I feel like he still wouldn't be very happy about it, so Maia's reception might be pretty mixed.
2. Nemolis misses the airship crash for some reason, and as one of his first acts as emperor brings Maia back to court. The timeline would be the same as in the book, pretty much, but Maia's not the emperor. How does that play out?
3. At some point during Maia's exile, Nemolis suddenly has a burning desire to hunt marsh birds or some similarly thin yet plausible excuse, and goes on holiday at Edonomee, where he gets to spend time with his brother. I feel like this scenario does not play out well for Setheris. And then, of course, after the crash of the Wisdom of Choharo, Maia's grief would be more immediate and personal and angsty.
4. Alternately, there's the pre-canon option. If you decide to go this route, you don't have to include Maia, because he wouldn't be born yet (or he's a very tiny baby idk). According to a thing about dates in the book I saw SOMEWHERE and cannot now find, Nemolis and Chenelo were about the same age. So I feel like something about how Nemolis and Chenelo related to each other could be interesting, because that must have been a pretty awkward situation, but from what little we know of Nemolis I feel like he would have been kind to Chenelo? (Maybe there could even be a bit of a Hidden Forbidden Romance?)
5. Something else! I'm open!

Kisses & Curses

I really, really love this game, even if it is kind of typo-riddled, and if you're not familiar, this is basically an LJ Smith series of my teenhood in phone game form and with more options: you play a witch who has to save the world by jetsetting around Europe and figure out her love life at the same time. I've only finished one playthrough, with Ty and Melanie as my companions, and I'm currently playing with Ty and Rhys (I've gotten to Germany, so I should be done with this playthrough by the time of reveals), but I don't mind at all being spoiled for what happens in other playthroughs. I romanced Melanie on the first playthrough, because I too want to run away to Paris to own a magical makeup boutique, and for the second one I'm romancing Rhys. From what I've seen of the other possible companions so far, I will say that Anastasia is my least favorite, probably because while I'm sure her backstory comes up later if you choose her, and we later learn not all witches are as nice as most of the Werbury coven, we're missing a lot of why she's so "OMG all witches are evil and must DIE a lot" at the point when we choose companions for our quest, and so she came off as needing to calm down.

As far as the main character's name goes, for fic purposes I think it's probably best to stick with 'Julie Grier.'

Some possible prompts:

1. Melanie and Julie's adventures running a magical makeup boutique in Paris. Because COME ON. Like, I don't know how the other storylines end yet, but I don't see how they could be MORE up my alley than a magical makeup boutique in Paris, and I want more makeup and Paris action.
2. You know how the Pact Spell makes you feel each other's heartbeats and whatnot? Like you're all one? Yeah, so I'm thinking post-spell threesome. Maybe after the first attempt, I mean, they have to salvage something there before they set off for Europe, right? Or the spell itself could turn out to be sex magic. I'm open to any combination of companions you want here.
3. This game has canon het and femslash options but it is lacking in dudes making out (because, y'know, female protagonist). If the guys make out in some other playthrough I haven't gotten to yet (it's certainly suggested often enough in this playthrough), I am delighted to hear that and retract the former statement, but that doesn't change my request: make the guys make out and/or bang. Maybe Rhys and Nik could meet somehow while they're both kicking around Werbury (How many hotels can a town that small have, really?) and bond over being male witches in a female-dominated world (According to the game's website only five percent of all witches are male. Five percent! The two of them are what, like seven percent of the world's eligible witch bachelors?). Maybe Nik uses that bad boy appeal and seduces Ty at the von Reylander ball (using the Siren's Call only in a kinky and previously agreed upon manner). Maybe things develop between the guys on the quest (maybe they have to share a hotel room in Ireland after all!), and Julie later runs off to Paris with Melanie. Maybe some other scenario you come up with.
4. Something else that strikes your fancy! I'm sure there are lots of things in the playthroughs I haven't gotten to yet that would be ripe for ficcing, and if you've got a great idea percolating, please, bring it on!

Orlando City SC RPF

I love Kaka so much. I love his Disney prince face (That smile! Those eyes! That fluffy hair!) to the point that I have texted friends who do not even follow soccer, "My boo scored a brace!" out of the blue and they knew what I was talking about. And Orlando City sort of fascinates me because it seems to have even more of a financial divide than most MLS teams between Kaka, who is getting paid the most in the league, and a bunch of guys who are basically making second grade teacher money. I was once watching a game when one commentator referred to Kaka and David Mateos as "former teammates at Real Madrid" and the other guy was like, "...actually, Mateos was in the Castilla, not the senior team," and it was awkward. It makes me wonder if things are also awkward in the dressing room like that, or if they look up to him like a bunch of ducklings, or what. (Also, I recently read this LA Times article on how MLS teams travel and it was amazing. Kaka in peasant class on Southwest! I feel like he would be so Politely Distressed. (Thierry Henry or David Beckham on Southwest is an even funnier picture, but I digress.)) And I really admire Kaka's unrelenting positivity in light of some clearly not-great things happening in his life: his divorce, when he was like THE LAST footballer you would have picked in the divorce pool; not getting to see his kids very often as they now live in Brazil with his ex; a string of injuries, and I would just like fic where nice things happen to him.

Note: Please, no bashing of his ex-wife or dwelling on the breakup. We don't know what went down inside their marriage and despite the fact that I'm sitting here asking for fic about him, it's not really our business. If you choose to go the 'RL SOs never existed/are never mentioned' route, that's totally fine.

Also: Cristiano Ronaldo is now an ineligible character for Yuletide. Therefore, it is totally extra optional if you want to include him in your story, and I fully understand if you don't, and that's completely fine. (If you do and none of my prompts below grab you, my letter from last year has some Criska-specific prompts.) However, since Criska is such an OTP for me, I would really prefer that Kaka not be paired off with anyone else in my story, so if you don't want to include Cris, I would much prefer gen.

Some possible prompts:

1. Kaka really, really, really loves Disney World. So much that he signed with a brand new expansion team because it was headquartered in Orlando, and yes, I know there were other factors but let's not pretend that wasn't one. Like, have you ever been to Orlando in August? It's like breathing through a hot wet towel. He really loves Disney. So. Send Kaka to Disney World. (Or Harry Potter World! Any of the parks except Sea World, really.) Maybe as a bonding experience with some of his teammates. Maybe with his kids. Shenanigans and standard theme park experiences ensue: lines, shrieking children, more lines, some kind of ice cream related incident, it's-so-hot-I-wanna-die, and, of course, all the magic and fun that make people really love the Orlando parks despite all of the above.
2. Concept: Kaka is an actual Disney prince. Maybe there can be a curse or something (Jose Mourinho or Florentino Perez was probably involved somehow) only lifted by true love or getting Orlando City into the playoffs or whatever. Maybe there are musical numbers. Maybe his golden retriever is a talking animal sidekick. Maybe people regularly get distracted by the twinkle in his eye (wait that part may be real). Just run with it.
3. The mundane life of a footballer is so interesting to me. What does Kaka do with his downtime when he's not abusing his Florida resident annual parks pass or reading the Bible for the fiftyleventh time? Maybe he takes up a hobby. Like knitting. And how super weird is it for him to be, like, practically a normal civilian who can do his own grocery shopping without getting either snapped by the paparazzi or mobbed by fans? Or just, like, anything about him single dadding it up with his kids.
4. You've seen this incredible awkwardness, right? If not: during last year's NHL playoffs Kaka was Social Media Leader or something for the Tampa Bay Lightning for a game, despite the fact that, as he states in the video, it was his second hockey game ever. And it was hilarious. (At one point during the game he lost the thread entirely and started tweeting about how Sao Paulo was doing in their cup match.) He has also, as per his Instagram, attended at least one college football game and one baseball game, and I know he genuinely likes basketball. I think he feels some kind of obligation to support the other local sports teams or something, it's charming, but...yeah. Something about Kaka engaging with our North American sports could be a thing. (I don't understand most of these sports, but uh, I don't think he does either.)
5. Something else you come up with!

Paris Saint-Germain F.C. RPF
Maxwell Andrade, Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Please note that this does not necessarily need to be set during the PSG period; at any point in these two's constantly overlapping careers is fine. I just feel like it's sad that there's not more fic about these two, because COME ON. They cannot stop being at the same club! For years and years! I love how extra Zlatan is, but either it's true love or Maxwell has got magical powers or something to have been best friends and regular roommates with him for this long without smothering him in his sleep, I mean really. Platonic is fine, but if you're going the slash route, if you want to do the 'their RL significant others never existed' thing, that's fine, but I'm also really into the 'their significant others totally know and are fine with or maybe even into it' thing. I feel like Helena would be, you know? (I admittedly don't really know anything about Maxwell's wife, but I'm sure she's lovely!)

A quick note due to player history: I am really not a fan of Barcelona (but that's okay because neither is Zlatan) and would prefer not to see that team or its players lauded overmuch in my fic, please. Similarly, if you want to set your fic in the current day, as a Real Madrid fan still bearing scars, I am not overly fond of Jose Mourinho.

Some possible prompts:

1. Soulmates AU. Because these two being actual soulmates would explain so much. I like the kind of soulmate AUs where they have each other's names or first words to each other or something magically tattooed on their bodies somewhere (and we all know how Zlatan loves his tattoos, too), and I really do not like the ones involving things like 'you can't see color until you meet your soulmate.' (Obviously most soulmate AUs don't make sense when you look at them hard, but this is where I in particular break.)
2. One word: foursome. Or: Sedoretu.
3. Maxwell winds up in Manchester like the forces of the universe want him to, but this time he's with City. (And Guardiola.)
4. In contrast to the above, something bittersweet at the end of the PSG era about how they're both getting older and now they're splitting up again and they might not reunite before retirement.
5. Something about them leaving and rejoining each other and how it's become both a joke and a constant. A 5+1 thing, maybe? Or something else you want to write, I'm open.


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